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If you listen to Ebony Moore’s latest EP, Ebby The Dreamer, get ready for an alternative soul church service. Inspired to come “back to God” after dreams that she had, that she said were like Joseph’s dreams, (thus the clever title of the EP,) she takes her faith and makes it something relatable and sonically pleasing. With instrumentals by White Hot, they team up on a four song EP that touches everything from sleepless nights to thankfulness for God’s provision to being a “Wanderer” looking for peace. 

Her lyrics are pretty par for the course, when it comes to Christian contemporary music, but her sound is certainly something unique and thrilling. Some of the touches, like the harmonies on “3AM” or the repeating chorus at the end of “Altar Call” or the alternative guitars on the first two tracks, push the recording to a fairly impressive level. Music is a vehicle and Ebony knows how to appeal to an audience that might struggle with their journey, in a way that would truly resonate to fans of some of the darker, more somber alternative rock out there. 

“There’s no friend to call cause they’re all gone / There is still hope, you are not alone.” She offers her hope on each of the tracks, her faithful conviction, and if you’ve been in church at any point in your life, these songs might feel like coming home. For the uninitiated, there’s a lot of “God talk” that might either resonate and bring relief or really turn you off. But Ebony is taking that chance, even encouraging listeners to “seek Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.”

It’s music as evangelism, yes, but also music as solace. Her voice is comforting and her sentiments, though they are often a bit cliched in their presentation, seem genuine and truly compassionate. Her musical sensibilities, I think, will certainly get her somewhere, if she continues down this path. It’s a refreshing sound, something that takes from the past, but that sounds original and ambitious. That does what many Christian artists do, and takes their gospel message, their personal “testimony,” and turns it into art.



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