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“Oh, I’m a vessel for the spark inside my mind / Oh, I’m a harbinger of the ones they left behind,” Virginia’s Annie Stokes sings on her latest release, a wonderfully produced EP of four songs, called Wild Rose. She carries with her in these songs her mother and her sisters (figurative or literal), her…


With only two members, SLOT, the grungy punk, post-punk band from Baltimore, who “aim to be equal parts Nine Inch Nails and Mandy Moore,” have guitar (or is that distorted bass?) riffs for miles and enough energy to power a city block. “Goth pop” (one of their tags on Bandcamp) is about as close to…


“Do you need a social commentary / Or apocalyptic romance? / With what shreds of freedom remain / Do you think you wanna dance?” Those are the questions Kate Davis puts in her golden indie voice on her second song off her latest release, Fish Bowl, released on Anti records last Friday. The album definitely…

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Digging these albums

like ancient bones

for what they signify,

my relationship with music

has become archaeological.

If there is one human story,

I’ll find it by adding up

a million of them.

Feel the pain and pleasure,

the drowning and rising

of guitars and guts.

I’m lost and found,

over and over again.

There’s so much power

In these stories.

But like a movie:

even better

With a soundtrack.