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“But we are the DMV, though. DC has really been, like, uniquely and independently making our programming. We make what we want it to be,” founder of DC Music Summit and musician, actor, poet, playwright, activist, and emcee, Dior Ashley Brown, says about fostering community and opportunity through the non-profit she founded a few years ago. It is an organization that is founded upon inclusivity, empowerment, education, equipping DC artists to thrive in the difficult world of making it as independent artists. And they’re looking to dig their roots deeper.

Once a year, they hold a weekend long “Summit,” where they invite industry professionals and DC mainstays, to teach, encourage, and equip the DC music scene, as well as provide the opportunity for creatives to rub shoulders and make important connections in the industry. This has led them to seek a permanent residence, for their mostly volunteer staff, at the DC creative hub, Eaton House, (where past Summits have been held), something, with the real estate markets in DC right now, is not an inexpensive venture.

To accomplish this they have set up a GoFundMe page (linked below) and are seeking support from the DMV area, so that they can continue their mission of supporting the diverse DC community, with a particular emphasis on BIPOC and female artists, but including the Native community and beyond. Dior, a consummate performer and people person, has always had ambitious goals and unparalleled talent as an artist and business person, as well as a “flow in, flow out” mindset when it comes to community, and her track record is a good indication of how these new offices will be utilized.

To see more of their work, check out their Facebook page (, their website (, and their Youtube channel ( Give what you can and please help to spread the word and continue supporting both the creative and business sides of the art world, through DC Music Summit. 


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